January 1, 2017

Dear Scubbly Member,

With much deliberation, we have decided that 2017 will be the final year of operation for Scubbly.com.

When Scubbly was launched in 2009, it really was the “best of class” app of its kind, optimized for simplicity and maximum profit for sellers and affiliates. That is, unfortunately, no longer so.

While Scubbly has attempted to find “economies of scale” to keep delivering maximum benefit to member partners, we have found that the increasing costs of operation are outpacing revenue. The economics are no longer feasible. Given that Scubbly is already charging more than many of the competitors, we decided that rather than price ourselves out of the league, it’s time to shut Scubbly down, as gracefully as possible.

Note the word “gracefully”. We really mean it - we don’t want to just shut everything down immediately to the chagrin of all our users. So we have planned a gradual shutdown timeline that should give all our sellers and affiliates and customers enough of a “runway” to transition their e-commerce to another platform. We will also host redirection of all your Scubbly pages to another URL, while the Scubbly service is in transition.

TL;DR - All Scubbly sales will end April 1; you have until then to move to a different e-commerce platform, and the final payout will be in July.

Here is the detailed timeline of shutting down:

January 1:

Once you are set up with a new e-commerce platform, please send “redirection” URLs to Scubbly, so that any traffic coming to your product detail page on Scubbly can be redirected to somewhere else. Send those redirection URLs to us as a spreadsheet (any format will do). The spreadsheet should have two columns: 1) the Scubbly product id, and 2) the URL where it’s being sold now. Send the spreadsheet to admin@scubbly.com

February 1:

March 1:

April 1:

During April, before the May 1 payout:

For sellers who have had sales in the EU and UK, VAT taxes will be deducted from your balance for remittance to the EU. Sellers affected by this will be contacted by email with more details. If you do not receive an email from Scubbly, then you had no EU sales, and you do not need to be concerned about this.

May 1:

June 1:

July 1:

August 1:

To all our sellers and affiliates, thank you for joining us on this crazy ride. Some of you only joined recently, but others have been with Scubbly for its entire 8 years of existence. It’s been a blast, and I wish you well in your future business endeavours.

If you have concerns about the shutdown that were not addressed in this notice, send an email to admin@scubbly.com

Ian Ring
Founder, Owner, Administrator of Scubbly.com