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Features what Scubbly can do

Scubbly is Profitable

No Risk

You don't pay a penny until you've earned a dollar. Getting started for free - that's why Scubbly is a no-risk platform.

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Lowest Fees

Scubbly's fees are the lowest you'll find anywhere. Compare and you'll see.

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No Surprises

When you earn $50, you actually get $50. Scubbly's fees are explained clearly, with no hidden charges.

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Several pre-fab widgets you can put on your own website, for easy "Instant Download" links wherever you need them.

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Send a buyer directly to checkout with one click. It's as easy as it gets.

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International Languages

Scubbly is currently offered in English, French, and Spanish, with more languages scheduled for translation soon. Even your product descriptions can be expresed in multiple languages.

International Currencies

Final transactions are done in $USD, but buyers can view prices in their local currency. Choose from 34 international currencies, with rates updated daily.

Store Branding

Brand your Scubbly store with your own graphic banner and logo. Simple to set up, with PhotoShop templates available to download.

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Sales Reports

Scubbly provides useful reporting tools so you can track your sales and view your account history.

Secure Product Delivery

Your products stay locked in our secure storage cloud until someone buys them. No public URLs for downloading, sharing, or pirating.

Cloud Storage

Redundant, distributed storage for your products for reliable integrity and fast delivery.

Simple Accounting

Your account is all in one ledger, exportable, simple, always up to date. You'll always know what you've earned so far.

Instant Reporting

Scubbly sends you a message every time one of your products is sold, containing all the details of the sale. It's tremendously gratifying.


Affiliate Program

Scubbly's affiliate program has been hailed as "the easiest referral program ever built". If you've ever used another affiliate program, try this one and you'll understand.

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Advanced Tracking

Our innovative tracking system is unparalleled for simplicity and flexibility. 10 years from now, all affiliate programs will be doing it this way. Scubbly invented it.

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Hassle-Free Payments

Earnings are added to your account at the moment of sale. No invoices, and no waiting for payments from the seller. Scubbly does it all.

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Instant Download

No registration required, just a quick link to PayPal with the product already in the buyer's cart.

Multi-item Cart

Use the cart to buy multiple products at once, even products from multiple sellers.

Discount Coupons

Offering your customers a discount is simple, using easily configured coupons.

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